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All you need to create to create your business website

There is a few steps you need to begin with.

  1. Find a domain that fits your business and it is easy to remember.

The domain is an unique and exclusive name that links to your websites  on the internet, comparing it with your physical business is like the address of it, where your business can be find.

Domains have different extensions such as .com.co.net.cc.us etc.

The first step is to find a suitable and easy to remember domain, i.e time.com or digitalworks.cc. These domains are easy to remember and your business will be easily found by your clients over the internet.

A short and easy to remember name will do

There is a lot of pages where you can purchase your domain over the web, ussually when you purchase a hosting service you get a free domain included.

After purchasing your domain we will go to the CMS (Content Manager System).

2. Chose the CMS that suits your needs.

Well, this is weird concept, but is nothing else than a platform where you manages your content.Is the palce where you create your pages, articles, designs, images and much mora.

Some CMS are free and others has a cost.

Within the main ones we can find WordPress, Joomla and Drupal and some specialized in online stores, like Prestashop and Magento. They have many more but these are most popular.

This website is build using WordPress wich is user friendly and free, there is not much technical skills needed and you only need Hosting to get going.

Regardless of the CMS that you chose you will need to host your website with a Housting provider. 30% of all websites in the world are made with WordPress, is the most popular CMS when it comes to build your online precense.

3. Chose a reliable hosting

Lets explain what is a hosting service. Supposed you are going to open a traditional brick and mortar shop, you have stands, furniture, decorations and more, but you dont have where to put them, you search for a local or office where you can bring all your stuff and begin with your business.

Is exactly the same with a website, furniture, decorations paperwork are the content just like images, videos and text that you need to store or kept in a place, that place is the hosting.

You will notice that when you are looking for a local it will need to be well ubicated, safe area and with all the services in order to operate safe and sound.

Thats why chosing a hosting provider is very important to have a secure, fast, easy to use and reliable website. They are free and paid hosting among the free ones they have some that offers a good service but lack of customer support which is of utmost importance when it comes to run your business, at the other hand they might have lots of users that will slow down the speed of your pages. For sure you have heard about services like Wix or Weebly among others where you can create a free website but they have multiple limitations when it comes to services and customization of your pages this is because they have closed code, it is not like WordPress, so, if one day you decide to take your website to another platform then you cannot. With wordPress you have the freedom to change themes, hosting etc. You are 100% free to to do anything with your site. Paid hosting have the advantage of having a customer service in any language, they also offers many more complements in which a otherwise a free hosting will charge for (They need to make money somehow). They are different types of hostings, the one that I use is shared hosting, there are monthly or annual fees depending on the amount of websites you need or want to build.  Using reliable hosting provider have been  awesome for me, since I tested several and moved my sites to the one that I beileve is best for me, it all comes to testing and having their customer support tested. I dint regret moving my sites to the one I use today. Signup with the best Hosting provider.

Design your site architecture

Basically is the layout or design your page will have.

A good example is when an architect is going to build a house, firts he starts with a blue print, that is guide on how to proceed while the project is on its way.

The exact same thing with websites, you need a general layout to begin with your creation.

Steps to begin with

Design the layout, you will define what sections, sub-sections and pages you will have, make it simple, clean and easy to navigate, sometimes when we are stariting we fall into wanting to put bells and whistles into our site, by experience I find out that the simplest the better, as you dont want to annoy your visitors with music and flashy things.

– Start with a sketch of how you would like for each page to be seen, from Home, sections, articles and the other pages.


– Content creation, first you decide which are your global subjects, what your website is about, if you are going to sell products or offer your services you should be aligned with the content of your site. begin with your content with articles, infographics and images.

5. Chose a theme that combines with your project

At this point you must have your hosting provider and domain (most hosting will give you a domain of your choice for a year, included in your hosting plan) search for a theme that can be easily customizable and adjust to your needs and the layout of your website.

A site builder can be very handy when it comes to desigh your website with ease and no technical skills, some of them even includes free theme from where you can start right away since they are fully customizable and have a preview to check it out.

They also have sitebuilders that give a free version to start with, this free version will give you the tools to begin with, however, they are features that in order to have acces to them you will need to upgrade to the pro version, my favourite one is Elementor, just need to drag and drop and very user friendly.



Keep in mind that your theme need to be responsive this means that they can adapt to any screen such as Cellphones, tablets and computers, 90% of users owns a cellphone and the great amout of people will looking at your site on one of these devices.

For those of you who would like to start a web design business I strongly recommend Elementor as you can sign up risk free and try for 30 days before purchasing they have a lifetime access wich means that with only one payment you will access forever.

6. Define your payment gateway

To begin with a shop in WordPress is necessarily to download a plugin named WooCommerce, with this plugin you can chose the differents payment gateways that can adapt to your page and create catalogs of products and services.

Among the main ones you can find PayPay, PayU, Braintree, Stripe, Interpagos, Mercadopago etc.

Bear in mind that to install any of these payments gateways you must sign up and register in order to link your bank account to receive payments, you will be asked for your personal information and will need to wait until they approve your application.

Make sure you read all the terms stated in any of these payment gateways , some will require more commissions that others, some charges commissions for each transaction while others cahrges only a fix monthly fee. Needless to say, chose the one that better suits you.

7. Chose carefully the plugins you are going to use

Plugins are tools or tiny programs needed to optimize or enhance WordPress functionality, they are many of them that can be usefull and they are mostly free.

However, installing to many of them can slow down your page which is not when it comes to ranking in google search engines also affects users experience.

Recommended plugins

  1. YoastSeo – Useful for search engine ranking.
  2. Elementor – As we outlined before, is an sitebuilder, easy drag and drop interface.
  3. WP-Optimizer – It helps with the speed of your website
  4. Social Warfare – Useful for users to share your page content on social media

8. Design your website

This is something that you can do all by yourself if you dont want to spend money or hire a web designer, this can cost you between US$ 170 to 1.500. 

A good designer wouldnt charge cheap, so, keep in mind that cheap can end up to be expensive. if the design is bad you are going to end up paying more to fix the damage.


At the other hand, you can learn to design your site, it is not difficult and there are thousands of tutorials all over youtube. If you are willing to do it you can learn new skills and develop more profesionals expertise.

It is easier at the beginning to stick with simpleness, start with a color palette that have only few options, dont use more than three colors in your whole website.

Uniformity keep down color saturation and allows the user to have a closer experience when visiting your site.

Elementor can make a huge difference when it comes to designing your site, the interface is easy and intuitive, there is a yearly plan and a lifetime one as well. 

9. Link your website with a Google Analytics account

To properly have estadistics of your site and know how may users are visiting your pages, this is the best tool, you cand theeir behaviours, Countries, the time they spend reading your articles, where your traffic are coming from etc.

Demography, how many males or females range of age and much more.

With this information you will be able to fine tune your website.

10. SEO Strategy

SEO (Serach Engine Optimization) Basically is to optimize your site to be indexed in Google Search Engines, and can appears in Google results according to the key word users are searching for, a good SEO will have your site in the atleast the top five results.

The speed of your site, proper keywords and pages responsiveness can have a huge impact on how your site could be find.

To dive deeper into the subject you can find tutorials on Youtube.

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