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Work at Home Mode 2020






Each one of us can choose the way you deal with your quarantine, some look at at it as the worse thing that has happened, for the lack of money, lack of job or maybe because of the enclosure, with that way of thinking we are not going to achieve anything.

This time can be seen as a disgrace or an opportunity to move forward

you choose.
Now we have the time, to begin with, those projects that we have forgotten for a long time, to start with that entrepreneurship that we have postponed for so long.
We are confined in our homes for a common benefit, health prevails above any other circumstances, but we cannot forget that we need to produce to overcome this period of the lean season.

These days or weeks we have to invest in creating plans that can help us in our personal and professional growth.

These plans can bring us some income in these times of scarcity, it is time to put them into practice now.

Do not stay still.

When there is a lack of money, we have lots of excuses, it is time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, complaining about the situation wouldn’t help.
it is time to move.
A lot of people don’t know what to do in these days, we have all the tools that we need at hand, we are living in a privileged time of the world to learn something new every day.
Even if you are those who don’t know what to do during these quarantines days, we bring you these 10 productive ideas, invest your time and resources roll up your sleeves get out of the couch, and start being productive. 

You can begin by watching more tutorials on youtube and stop wasting your time on Netflix.

There are no excuses you can take advantage of the current situation and invest in yourself, so let’s begin with these 10 ideas.

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    1. Start with your entrepreneurship. 

    You have been complaining that there is no time for yourself, nowhere is a lot of time

    Internet is at your fingertips it is almost impossible to say that you don’t have the means to start your own business starting today.

    You don’t even need an investment of money, you already have the most important resources, your creativity, and passion for entrepreneurship.

    You can begin to structure your business from scratch, this is the moment to invest your time in something that can offer you financial freedom for your future.

    If you would like to know more about how to give your first steps then, keep on reading this article.

    On the other hand, there are not a lot of jobs out there, the best thing that you can do is to create your own business.

    When we talk about your own business, we are not only talking about selling products, think about what you know to do your expertise, offer your professional services by the hour or by projects.

    It could be that you are an engineer, lawyer, financial or trainer, or any other profession that allows you to transmit your knowledge through skype, meet, or any other video platform.

    We need to leave our excuses behind, you can always say that you are missing something to become an entrepreneur, but believe me, the perfect moment when you have everything resolved, all the money, time and resources will never come.

    Now you have time, make it happen.

      2. Learn to cook

    We all have our cuisine talent somewhere, maybe because we like to cook or we have to, perhaps we live by ourselves and there is no other alternative.

    Variety is the spice of life, eating eggs every day is not that much of variety.

    There is an infinity of dishes that you can learn to cook, you don’t need much money nor ingredients to do it.

    Regardless of your taste you can always learn something new, youtube is a university where you can find thousands of subjects and tutorials, you can find international cuisine recipes and local dishes from your country, just take action and begin to prepare your next dish.

      3.Learn Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is a fundamental skill all entrepreneurs must-have, the business that doesn’t have an online presence should invest in a company website.

    A business or company that does not exist on the web and social media wouldn’t survive.

    To sell you will need two things, first a website, second, social media profiles with quality content.

    There is a lot of people who believe that only with an Instagram profile is enough to launch a business or entrepreneurship, but they are wrong.

    The first that you need to do if you are thinking of starting your own business is to begin to plan your website because it will be the platform from where you will promote your products and services.

    Your website is the place where you can make all your sales transactions and contact with your clients.

    After your website is up and running then you will need a social media strategy, beginning with an analysis of those that give you better conditions to commercialize your products or services.

    If you want to learn the basic of digital marketing you can download a free Google tool on your phone (Apple or Android) Google Primer.

Start today, if you have questions or need more information I invite you to read these posts to get you going:

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4.  Get in shape

In these days of a pandemic, it is easy to stay home on the couch watching television and eating, but that doesn’t mean that is the only thing to do, soon or late your health will deteriorate.

Start searching for workout routines that you can do at home without any equipment. There is a lot of exercises that you can do only with your body weight.

Begin by finding a comfortable place at home and start with your routine.

Exercising helps with your mood, something that we need to work on especially these days.

There is a lot of people on Instagram and Youtube who offer free training videos. You can also find a professional dietician to help you with your diet.

Talking about diets, keep in mind that to achieve good results diet and exercise need to be combined. Good habits must be put into practice.

5.    Read books or listen to audiobooks.

It happens to all of us that we buy books and leave them on the shelf because we don’t have any time to read them.
Now all libraries are closed. The best to do is to read all those books that we purchased long ago.
If you don’t have books to read at home look for new options like reading online or listen to audiobooks, there is a lot of choices on the web.


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6. Learn crafts

Crafts are an excellent way to calm anxiety and your mind

Mindfulness is a practice that goes in hand with this subject because when you are creating something with your hands your mind is focused in the present moment and you let go the burden of worries and problems.

At the other hand, crafts can give you ideas to start a business, create and sell your products through a website or social media.


   8.   Online courses or certification programs

Online courses or certification programs are a great option in these times, they have a low hourly intensity and they are several universities with great offers.

There are certification programs in all areas, from finances, art engineering etc.

Look for an well established university that offers online programs, make sure to research before signing up.

Read reviews from other students, who have completed any of these courses to ensure that is a quality program.

It is never to late to learn. so, you can start right away.


9.   Learn to meditate

Meditation is a good practice to quiet your mind and be in the present moment with you and yourself (it is not easy to stop the constant chatter in your mind but with practice you will get close) you always going to have chatters passing by and it is normal, just try to bring back your attention to your breath or mantra, there are many free guided meditation on you tube, see which one suits you.


10   . Create a support group

A support network is a group of people who unite with a common objective, they are fundamental in these crisis times.

Support networks help you to overcome difficult times and they turn in into places where you can find empathy and aid when you most in need.
you can create a support network with using any type of interests or hobbies.
They can be created among families, friends, or neighbors, the idea is to have everybody united under the same goal and create thrust among all.

When you create a support network, you  unite people through a whatsapp, facebook, or a twitter account. Create support networks around you and you will see how helpful they can be.

These 10 productive plans can be of help during these pandemic times.

Remember in investing your time wisely, these are unique moments to do something different, it is the perfect time to re-invent yourself, not to take vacations at home nor, to cry in desperation .

It is time to be creative and produce something extraordinary for your life, reconnect with your passions, wake them up, let them be the ones that inspire you and to keep on going, when we come out of this we should be in the place we want to be.


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